What we do

UCCR can recover and market any recyclable material. The list of materials that we recycle grows everyday. While we currently recycle paper, plastics, cardboard, metals, and wood we are always exploring new markets and new recycling opportunities. If you are not sure if a material is recyclable, just ask us! If there’s a way, we’ll recover it and market it. And if not, we’ll be on the lookout for how to make it possible in the future.


To our suppliers:

UCCR helps reduce costs by diverting materials away from waste streams, avoiding costly dumping fees, and turning potential waste into value. When partnering with UCCR, we will conveniently collect, transport, and broker your post-consumer materials. This is beneficial for all our suppliers, as it effectively clears their solid waste, but also for the future of our environment as well. While solid waste increasingly burdens our society, UCCR is working to actively mitigate the environmental and health consequences of solid waste pollution.


To end users:

UCCR helps end users quickly and economically source and obtain recovered materials. Our diverse supply base includes office buildings, grocery stores, commercial and business generators, municipal and private material recovery facilities, and paper packing plants. We ensure that our partner end users can procure their materials at a reasonable price, and at a long term sustainable supply rate. In recent years, many governments have passed legislation requiring higher percentages of post-consumer recycled content in final products. UCCR will help its partners maintain access to raw materials as these laws go into effect long term. Our vanguard approach to recycling will enable manufacturers to continue their operations for decades to come.


Where we operate:

With headquarters in Tucson, Arizona and in Nogales, Mexico, UCCR currently operates in the southwest states of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and California in addition to the northern regions of Mexico.

Materials we trade:

the following grades of paper:  

  • Boxboard Cuttings (4)
  • Over-Issue News (9)
  • Magazines (10)
  • Old Corrugated Containers (11)
  • Double-Sorted Old Corrugated (12)
  • New Double Lined Kraft Corrugated Cuttings (13)
  • WHite Blank News (24)
  • Coated Flyleaf Shavings (27)
  • Unsorted Office Paper (36)
  • Sorted Office Paper (37)
  • Sorted White LEdger (40)
  • Coated Book Stock (43)
  • Mixed Paper (54) 
  • Sorted Residential Papers and News (56)
  • Sorted Clean News (58)

and the following grades of plastic: 

  • Bottles and Small Rigid Plastic (1-7)
  • MRF Film 
  • HDPE Natural Bottles
  • Mixed Bulky Rigids
  • PET Thermoforms
  • HDPE Injection Bulky Rigids
  • Polypropylene Small Rigids Plastic
  • Polypropylene All Rigid Plastic
  • PE Retail Mix Film 
  • LDPE Colored Film 
  • LDPE Furniture Mix
  • Agricultural Ground Cover Film 
  • Rigid PVC- Sliding and Pipe
  • Flexible PVC