Family of Companies

The Boston Group Inc.

The Boston Group Inc. is the parent company of UCC Recycling. Operating since 2001, the company has been a distinguished leader in the waste management industry for over 20 years, brokering and recovering¬† recyclable material all over the globe. The Boston Group’s knowledge of the industry, and its countless partnerships has contributed to its large success in the past two decades. It is always at the forefront of recycling operations, exploring new ways to make the planet green.¬†

UCC Manufacturing

was originally founded as Boston Group Mexico in 2008, and then merged with United Commodities Connection (UCC) to form UCC Manufacturing (UCCM). The vision for UCCM is to bring value to its clients through cost effective manufacturing strategies. As a contract manufacturer, UCCM is focused on solutions based programming that is centered around customization and partnering with each client. The UCCM team has over 30 years of experience with extrusion and injection mold manufacturing. Combined with its sister division UCC Recycling, UCCM is strategically positioned to utilize a fully integrated supply cycle from material collection and recovery to reprocessing and manufacturing. This allows for the fulfillment of a sustainability strategy that supports both the environmental and economic needs of its clients.